February 16 – Still Not Missing the Northern Weather!

We are staying so busy … seven days a week it seems … we marvel at how we ever had tme to work.

Last Sunday back to RC sailing races which I continue to love … and thanks to Canadian friends Luc and Helen Gloutney I am generally able to sail one their boats in each race.

That evening, we treated my cousing Sandy and Jeff to dinner.

Monday, back in the woodshop followed by Petanque (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s9BpxOsOY4) in the late afternoon. 

Meanwhile Debbie, as on most days, can be found at classical stretch, line and belly dancing, water aerobics and even knitting

Tuesday, I had a scheduled check-up with my Sarasota dermatologist … who zapped me in several spots and then exercised a suspicious looking "growth" on the back of my right hand … waiting for results of a biopsy.

Thursday, Valentie's Day and the 54th anniversary of our enggement, I was able to finish the reworked piece, since the rosewood bowl I was working on for several weeks cracked and then broke due to a natural fracture in the wood.

This evening we had a Valentine's Day dinner with Joe and Jeanne Warwick at Sun N Fun's Boondocks Restaurant.

Yesterday, Karin McElvein, a high school girl friend visisting her sister in Tampa, stopped by and joined us for lunch, the first time we'd seen her in some 40 years although we've kept in touch by email.

This afternoon, Sun N Fun hosted its annual 50th anniversary luncheon,

recognizing those couples who were married in or prior to 1969. 

The seating was arranged with four couples at each table all of whom were married the same year, giving us a chance to meet more people, inclduing a lovely 89 year old woman on her second marraige and who has been coming to Sun N Fun for thirty years.  The after-lunch musical entertainemnt was very enjoyable.

While we will be reaching our 53rd anniversary in June, one couple at today's luncheon is celebrating their 68th anniversary this year.  Just 15 more years to go for us!





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  1. Ken Parker says:

    Randomly decided to click on your blog this morning to see if you were away.  Glad I did! 

    Immediately googled "Sun n Fun Sarasota".  Looks great, enjoy!


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