January 26 – Our First Three Weeks in Sarasota

First,since arriving in Sarasota, the weather has varied from a few cloudless sunny days with temperatures topping out in the low 80os … to quite a few cool (as low as the mid-40os) and overcast mornings.  When we watch the frequently firgid weather reports for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New Hampshire, we're damn glad we're here!  However, as strange as it seems, our family and friends back up north appear to have very little sympathy for us when our temperatures drop below 50o for a few hours early some mornings.

Fortunately, we've been able to get together with Debbie's brother Dick Louis and wife, Kate Morse; my cousin Sandy and husband Jeff Fitts; and friends Tom and Sharon Briggs  Missing have been our best friends Ken, who is battling cancer but has made amazing progress in regaining his strength and mobility, and Cheryl Grenier.

While I walk with a group (I'm in the minority as almost all of the others are women) most mornings, Debbie has resumed her classical stretch classes … before several line dancing and even belly dancing (but there are no bellys exposed) sessions!  Unfortunately, I have been "advised" that no pictures are permitted!

When the weather finally warms up, she'll be back to the water aerobics classes she took last year.

Unlike most of our friends and family back home who were burdened by overast skies, we were able to observe the recent eclipse.

Debbie and I also attended an annual [U.S. and Canadian] Veterans' Pancake Breakfast fundraiser here at Sun N Fun and just this past week donated blood at the bloodmoble's visit to Sun N Fun.

I have been playing some golf each week

Local residents which can be found at every Sarasota area golf course

and in a scramble at Misty Creek with Jeff, our foursome finished low net.

I am again sailing radio-controlled boats on Sunday afternoons.

SOL One-Meter Class

Drafon Fly 95

There always seem to be one or two pelicans circiling above our races, occasionally diving for a meal

For the first time, I have joined the Sun N Fun photography group.  In addition to classes, we have done still-life floral shooting

and taken a field trip to the Venice Rookery.

Great Egret

Great Blue Heron


Blue Heron

and, a curious squirrel watching the two-legged photographers

Meantime, Debbie spotted a moth on a neighboring RV's tire just preading its wings for the first time.

We beleive this is an Antheraea polyphemus, which will eventually look like this:

Finally, I have taken the prerequisite safety and training class for the fully equipped woodshop.  For an initial project, I started with

then cut it into a managable size

and finally shaped it into a

which now serves as our every-prominent

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