August 18th thru 22nd – Last Days in Sarasota and Heading Home

After our morning walk around the campground,

we spent much of our last three days in Sarasota visiting with Ken, for whom the past week has been uncomfortable due to a dibilitating pain in his shoulders and extremely challenging physically for him.

Back at our motorhome, we were able to enjoy a couple of final Florida sunsets.

Yesterday morning, we stopped by the rehab center one last time to see to Ken one last time before beginning our trip home.  While we knew it was time to leave, it was extremely difficult for us to say, "Goodbye."

Our drive was relatively short, just ninety miles to Dade City where we visisted with John and Leslie Wilhelm, one of the couples we traveled to Alaska with in 2011 and whom we'd not seen since a reunion in 2014.

Today's drive to Richmond Hill, GA was uneventful except for the large number of unfortunate motorists who had the opportunity to get to know Florida and Georgia law enforcement officers.


Tonight, we are staying just south of Savannah, GA at a campground we've visited in the past … where the many swans on the lake take center stage.

and mix freely with a variety of geese and ducks.

Taking refuge in trees are storks

and egrets.

while two trutles ensure their safety (other than from the alligators who also inhabit the lake).


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