August 1 – On to Louisiana

Today we completed our trek across Texas, mostly on secondary roads until we were just short of the Louisiana state line where we picked up I-10 again.

A couple on recumbent bikes … they dont' look all that comfortable and are awfully low to the ground

Photo on a TX-6 bridge support on TX-105

We thought they were exticnt

If nothing else, Texas is the American Flag and BBQ

Lots of police on the road, perhaps because it is the first of the month

A really old motorhome

You gotta love the names of some of the towns in rural Texas!

It's building looks like it hasn't been used in decades

Sour Lake, Texas; the birthplace of Texaco with the Spindletop oil discovery in 1901 and birth in 1903 of the petroleum company.


In far east Texas, the trees reminded us of New England

A novel way to display the Pledge of Allegience

Frog City RV Park … with no frogs for miles around

Never let be said that RVing is boring.   About 8:00 PM this evening, our "shore" power went out.  We quickly discovered that it was not us, or even the whole park, which went dark … but something "blew" outside and also darkened a local gas station and nearby hotel. 

As there was a slight breeze and it was still daylight we decided to sit outside … and saw some beautiful sunset clouds (we'd have missed if the power had stayed on).

About an hour later we watched as the gas station lights suddenly came to life, immediately followed by the power in our RV park.  Thankfully, we'll have a/c this evening which will make Debbie very happy … and a "Happy Wife is a Happy Life!"

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