July 25 – One Problem Resolved and Another Cropped Up

This morning we unhooked our utilities and got ready to drive back to Earnhardt Ford

so they could install the newly fabricated air conditioning line and recharge our compressor. 

The BAD news is that, without warning, the steps, which we use to enter and exit our motorhome suddely started making a grinding noise and would not fully extend or retract.

After some consideration, we decided that they would not extend while driving so we got the coach to the Ford Dealer, where we were told that it might take all day to to complete the work due to their service shop's back-up.

We then retured to Kneaders where I indulged in a massive

and Debbie had a "to-kill-for" lemon drop pastry.  Fortunately the restaurant was relatively empty so we killed time over several cups of coffee.  Meanwhile, we had decided to go see a movie.  After a stop a Marshalls where we did some clothes shopping … and I bought some lightweight shirts and shorts … we returned to the the AMC theater to watch

The previews were still running when I got a call and was told our RV was eady to be picked up.  So, after what turned out to be a much better movie than I'd anticipated we returned picked up our coach and were further surprised when thebill for the work came in 25% lower that the quote initially given to us. 

After returning our motorhome to the RV park where we've been staying we drive to a Campiong World (RV store) in Mesa to pick up a a few items.  We were disappointed to see a number of tattered flags.

Meantime, we'd contacted a mobile RV service mechanic who can stop by tomorrow to see if our steps can be reparied or whether a new motor will be needed.  If so, it was beginning to look like we migh tbe "stranded" here in Chandler into next week … when the temperatures are supposed to ease to the low 100o level and the annual Monsoom rain are slated to start.

Then it occurred to me there was some GOOD news … I have a spare motor for our motorhome's steps!

The BAD news is that it is my garage in Pennsylvania (up until this trip I had it stowed in the basement of our coach but the decided, I'll never need it so took it our and left it at home)!

However, the GOOD news is that our neighbor, Brian, has volunteeered to retrieve the mechanism and FedEx it to us for delivery on Friday morning, albeit the cost to overnight it will nto be cheap!

Arriving back at Sue Ann and Bob's for dinner, we noticed the temperature had reached

By the time we returne to our motorhome for the evening, however, it had cooled to 103o.

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