June 19 – Soaring Temperatures and Some Bad News on the A/C Front

As our dash air conditioner has been out … requiring us to drive through 100o-plus heat with our side windows on our motorhome open for more than a week  (excluding our time in Hawaii) … we'd made an appointment at a local Ford Dealer to have our A/C unit checked and repaired.

Fortunately, when at a campground, our two roof A/C units work and thus we're able to live comfortable when parked.

We ran a few errands and arranged to have lunch with Bob and Sue Ann Gildersleve,

friends we have gotten to know through Ken and Cheryl and then go back to see their home in south Phoenix.

Mid-afternoon, we received a call from Donald the service manager we'd been working with at the Ford dealership.  It seems that one of the "non-Ford'(WInnebago OEM installed) lines running from the air conditioner compressor had a hole in it and, among other results it allowed all of the system's freon to leak out.

No wonder we had no A/C!

The remedy is to have a repalcement for the metal line (nothing simple like a straight pipe but, rather, a line with several bends and fittings) fabricated.  However, we were told that would take 2-3 days and that didn't include the upcoming weekend.  And, the anticipated cost was a bit more than a tank full of gas. 

So, our planned Friday departure date from the Chandler (Phoenix) area will be delayed at least until the middle of next week.  This over a weekend when record or near record temperatures are anticipated.

  • Friday  –  107o
  • Saturday  –  105o
  • Sunday  –  111o
  • Monday – 115o
  • Tuesday – 117o
  • Wednesday – 116o
  • Thursday  –  110o

Oh well, at least we have friends in the area and our broker is located in Carefree, north of Scottsdale, so we will have soome friendly faces to visist with over the next several days.

During our running around today, Debbie continued her new-found passion for decorative roadway sound barriers

and bridges

By the way, guess which of the plants is not real.

For those who follow this blog, it perhaps sounds boring but we again were treated to another colorful sunset sky with some unusual cloud formations.

About the time we were going to bed, we could see continuous flashes of lightening off to our northeast, although the storm stayed many miles away.




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