June 18 – Still Very Hot Traveling East Across Western Arizona

As we were getting ready to leave this morning, our driver's side slide failed to retract; a potentially significant problem as we can't drive anywhere until it can be pulled in!  Fortunately, after reviewing one of our manuals, I remembered I could pull the switch and hit the "reset" button to clear most "faults"

Unfortunately, it didn't work!

Fortunately, I tried again and the problem was solved … at least for today.  it'll be interesting to see if the issue reoccurs tomorrow in Chandler.

When we arrived at our RV park in Quartzsite yesterday, it was well over 100o so we simply hooked up our utilities and hunkered down inside our coach for the rest of the day.  When we woke during a thunder storm at 12:30 AM this morning, I poked my head outside and then checked the temperature … which was reading a balmy 96o  and "feels like 99o

This morning as we got ready to leave, and noticed several

flags waving in a gentle breeze … it was only 89o.

Continuing our drive along I-10 through the desert, where there was one 40-50 mile stretch where it was straight as an arrow, the landcaspe, while barren still had is own unique and unsoiled beauty.

Occasinally punctuted with signs of modern communications infrastructure

and abandoned homes from bygone eras

At the one rest area we stopped at, there were more not-so-subtle warnings about not straying off the concrete walkways.

As we approached Buckeye, about 20 miles west of Phoenix, the desert brown was transformed by fields into oases of green.

Closer into the Phoenix area, Debbie renewed her latest passion for photographing decorative highway sound barriers.

Our campground was a pleasant surprise … brand new.

However, again, temperatures were back over 100o.

This evening, we visited with Jane Johnson, one of Debbie's best friends from our years in Yardley dating back to 1995, and had dnner at Zippos Sports Bar in Chandler.




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