July 14 – Back to the Mainland

We didn't sleep well last night as we seemingly knew we had to be up by 4:30 AM to finish packing, grab some coffee and meet our shuttle to LAX for our 8:59 flight back to LA.  Arriving at the airport as early as we did gave us the for more java and a quick breakfast egg muffin.

Our flight departed on time … was completely uneventful … and arrived in Los Angeles about 30 minutes early.  Of course and early landing often means your arrival gate is still taken up by another plane which had not departed.  Such was the case today.

We retrieved our baggage, caught a shuttle back to the Westin where we'd left our Jeep and planned to stay tonight.  Once there and checked in, it was off to the bar for wine and dinner. 

Tonight, we took one last look out of our hotel window before going to bed.


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