July 12 – Time to Relax

As we've been on a bit of a hectic pace the past several days and are scheduled for an "Circle the Island" [of Oahu] tour tomorrow, we opted for a day of doing very little.  After breakfast at Cheeseburger in Paradise just a few blocks away we corssed the street and sat "watchin' the sun bake; all of those tourists covered with oil" along a section of Waikiki Beach.

Watching the waves,

dozens of surfers of all skill levels,


inquisitive brids,

and planes taking off from Honolulu International

was enjoyable and extremely restful.

The beach is also people watching utopia. 

However, there aer some people who need to reconsider their beachwear!

We spent much of the afternoon at the hotel's pool, just below our room … interrupted by a refreshing dip.

After dinner at Lulus at the hotel, we took a walk through a park along the waterfront.

The Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial is a war memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, built in the form of an ocean water public swimming pool. The natatorium was built as living memorial dedicated to "the men and women who served during the Great War" (World War I)

As was the case this morning, observing people going about their lives is always fascinating.

While tonight's sunset was a non-event, there was an afterglow between some of the cumulus clouds.

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