February 13 – 19 – Valentine’s Day Week

Monday, on which we did very little, did provide us with a beautiful sunset without leaving our motorhome.

On Valentine’s Day, we did take a bike ride along Naples’ Gulf Boulevard, stopping for lunch at the Naples pier, a hangout for anglers, some of which were far more efficient than others


and people watchers like us.The Boulevard, which runs parallel to the Gulf shoreline has some of the most spectacular mansions … starting in the low million dollar range and going up!and where the landscaping along the road measured up. That evening the campground where we’re staying put on a Valentine’s Day dinner dance where we celebrated the 47th anniversary of our engagement.

On Thursday evening we met up with one of my high school friends and her husband, Gail [Graham] and Dick Lee at the Naples Hotel and Golf Club, situated right by the beach and provided some tremendous views even with some encroaching clouds.

We took a trip to Tigertail Beach on Friday.  Soft white sand, aqua colored water, shells Shore birds

Osprey Feeding Its Young

Brown Pelican Feeding a Fish

and several species of Gulls

and, once again, some people wearing clothes which emphasized everything wrong about their bodies.

Back at our campground, at a Meet & Greet social “hour” there were courtesy wine and beer, appetizers, Karaoke (which I tried) and dancing until we were finally exhausted and went home.

Saturday was another day in paradise where we managed to do little more than relax!  We were visited by a Snowy Egret

and treated to another spectacular sunset.

Sunday, we drove to Fort Myers to take in the [Thomas] Edison & [Henry] Ford Winter Estates which are situated with spectacular views of the abutting Chattahoochee River.

Edison purchased his home in 1885 … the Main House

to which he added a Guest House

A palm lined walkway leads from the Edison house to the adjacent property which Henry Ford purchased in 1916 after having been a guest at Edison’s house.

Parenthetically, we never realized that Henry Ford worked for Edison, who became his mentor when Ford wanted to start an automobile mass production line.  And, of course, no Ford museum would be complete without

1919 Model T

1929 Four-door Model A

As his Florida retreat was not only a place to escape the winters of Menlo Park and New Jersey, but was also a working laboratory to continue his work and product development as well as a place to raise and study plants from around the world.  As a result the properties have a wide variety of trees and flowers.

Banyan Tree (whose limbs put down air roots which take hold in the ground, creating new roots for a ever expanding tree … this on 30′ in diameter)

Mysore or Brown Woolly Fig (305" diameter and 102' high)

Cycad (A member of the Pine family which has been around for more than 20 years ... thus predating the Age of Dinosaurs)

BougainvilleaFirefox Agave

Many species of Orchids

and a Brown Anole

Unfortunately, photographs were prohibited in the Edison museum … in which you could spend hours marveling over his intellect, inventions and the number of industries in which he became involved.

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