July 9 – LA to Honolulu

Neither of us slept well last night and so, as we were up early, dressed and repacked  … and with the in-room [Starbucks] coffee pretty bad … we went looking for a a restaurant in the Westin for breakfast.  Debbie, as usual was OK with juice and coffee.  However, I like something to eat in the morning and so ordered a blueberry muffin.  What I got was a surprise!

Thus, eating was not a long adventure.  We took a shuttle to the United terminal at LAX and got through baggage check-in quickly and we suddenly discovered we were "TSA Pre-approved", making our security screening a breeze.

Being more than two hours early near the gate, we popped into a restaurant and I got something a bit more substantial for breakfast. 

We bordered and took off on time.  Surprisingly, our seats, although in Economy, were not bad.  With a projected five hour and twenty-seven minute flight, we did buy lunch aboard. 

When thinking about it, it is amazing how relatively little we spend on food [and wine] when traveling on our motor home and how expensive it is when staying in hotels and eating in restaurants!

Our 5½ hour flight seemed to pass rather quickly and by the time we reached the baggage area, we discovered a representative of our shuttle company already there.  Honolulu has been dramatically built-up since we were here in 2000.  But I was able to snap a few pictures during our ride.

Aloha Tower

Building Mural

Unusual catamaran

Surf boards are everywhere!

While we were the last to be dropped off, we were pleasantly surprised with the Park Shore Waikiki, the hotel I'd booked,

as it was directly across the street from Waikiki Beach.  While checking in, the clerk asked if I'd like an upgrade from our "partial" ocean view room to a "full" ocean view room … for a mere $300 extra.  I declined.  Much to my surprise and delight, he upgraded us anyway!

and just around the bend is a fantastic view of Diamond Head.

We had dinner in the second floor restaurant at the hotel, it too overlooking the beach.

After dinner we walked across the street ot the beach area and pier.

Makua and Kila – based on a children’s story by Fred Van Dyke honoring Hawaiian values of love and respect for Ohana (Family) and the ocean

Walking down the pier we wandered through the unmistakable aroma of marijuana … the source easily identified.

Despite signs banning jumping off the pier,

 We had a chance to watch the sun sink behind cumulus clouds in the western sky from Waikiki Beach.

As darkness began to take control, there were two children running along the beach

while an young couple enjoyed a warm embrace.


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