July 5 – Peterson, California

Last night, we had a amazingly great dinner at a local Denny's!

After four straight days on the road, today was an "off day" a time to do some cleaning, maintenance and grocery shopping .

Patterson, California, where we are staying, is located off  Interstate 5, is known as the "Apricot Capital of the World"; the town holds an annual Apricot Fiesta to celebrate with many drinks, food, desserts and games.

With an area of just shy of 6 square miles, Patterson has a population estimated of 21,212.

The history of Patterson begins with the Rancho Del Puerto, a Mexican Land Grant to Mariano and Pedro Hernandez in 1844. The grant extended east of the present-day Highway 33 to the San Joaquin River. The northern boundary was Del Puerto Creek and the southern boundary was just south of present-day Marshall Road.

Samuel G. Reed and Ruben S. Wade made claim to the land on January 7, 1855.  A patent encompassing the land grant was signed by President Abraham Lincoln.   

Reed and Wade received title to 13,340 acres on August 15, 1864.  Reed and Wade then sold the grant to J. O. Eldredge on June 18, 1866, for $5,000.  Mr. Eldredge held title for only two months before selling it to John D. Patterson on August 14, 1866, for $5,400.  

John D. Patterson purchased additional land and, upon his death on March 7, 1902, a total of 18,462 acres were willed to Thomas W. Patterson

and William W. Patterson, his estate executors, and other heirs.  The land was sold to the Patterson Ranch Company on May 16, 1908, for the sum of $540,000 cash gold coin.

Thomas W. Patterson subdivided the land into ranches of various sizes and plotted the design of the town of Patterson.  Determined to make Patterson different from most, he modeled his town after the cities of Washington, DC and Paris, France, using a series of circles and radiating streets. Major streets were planted with palm, eucalyptus and sycamore trees.

The town grew slowly un through the early decade of the 21st century when Amazon, Khol's and other companies opened up major fulfillment and distribution operations in Pattersn … Amazon's an amazing 1,000,000 square feet in size.

There is a vast difference between the "older" section of town and its quaint town center.

Peterson’s Westside Bell – was for many years at the honor farm in Frank Raines Park in Del Puerto Canyon and was returned to Patterson because it was believed to be either the old Las Palmas School Bell or the Presbyterian Church Bell, both structures which are now gone.

Memorial to the veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Viewnam War and recent wars in Iraq and Afghanastan

and the several miles closer to I-5 where the new warehouses,

Amazon Fulfillment Facility

CVS Distribution Warehouse

Kohl's Regional Distribution Center

Grainger Warehouse

New 72,00 sf warehouse ready for lease

shopping malls and residential developments are located.

Between Patterson and U.S. Route 99 to the east, farming and raising tree crops appear to be the main businesses … while most of the housing suggests a population of marginal income.

What was evident was that thomelessness was not limited ot the major cities like Portland but could be found everwhere.


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