July 4 – Happy Independence Day from Patterson, Calfornia

We are wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence day

but hope that at the same time everyone will take just a moment to consider why we celebrate it and about the brave men who literally "mutually pledged to each other their Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor" when adopting and signing that important document.

Today's drive through California's Sacramento Valley was incredibly enjoyable … a tan canvas of grass and hay, accented by colorful fields of agritultural crops, vast groves of fruit and other trees, and occasional pens and pastures of farm animals.


A plowed "roadway" runs just inside the prarie fencing – and we are wondering if it was developed to provide a firebreak in case a fire was started along the highway by a discarded cigarette butt or other means.

Many long streteches of the medians between the north and south bound lanes on I-5 have been planted with Oleandar

We think these are hazelnut trees

One of the few arroyos and steam beds which appear to have any water in them

A sign suggested these were olive trees

Roadside Orleander

There is very little change in elevation other than when going over a man-made bridge spanning another road, railroad tracks of waterway

One of only two police cars we saw in nearly 250 miles of driving  – surprising as it is July 4th


A sheep, donkey and two goats

Cows and sheep



The only biker we saw all day

Field of corn

Crop Duster

Rice Paddy in California … who knew?

A lonesome palm 

Field of Dreams, Inc.; a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicated to providing the means and opportunity to participate in activities like hunting and fishing, to special needs kids, individuals who have served in the US military, and/or their children.   Its collective dream is to be able to to share the bounties of nature, which we work hard to honor and preserve, with everyone.

The man on one crutch and woman with two support canes struggled to walk to the rear of their motorhome to check on the oil

This "mural" was on the side of a truck

The Sacramento River with the Sacramento skyline in the distance

Several decorative retaining and sound barrier walls along I-5 as it ran through Sacramento

The flag is an indicator of the wind we were facing both coming onto and upon leaving Sacramento

Dust Devil The blue haze is smoke from one of California's forest fires; and caused us to close our RV windows and vents

Two ancient and rusting tractors

We have no idea what these flags are for

Yesterday's and today's power



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