June 22 – A Day in Bothell for Packing and Country Village

This morning we had to change sites here at Lake Pleasant

and took the time walk this rather large campground.

The campground's signature water wheel

Flower baskets everywhere

Mural on the office building



and More Dicks

We also finally packed for our Alaska Inland Passage Cruise which begins tomorrow.

After lunch, we decided to take in Country Village where meandering paths lead you through a whimsical world of duck ponds, flowers, murals, home decor, restaurants, one of a kind toys, gifts, antiques & more.  After strolling through some of the "antique stores" we wondered (a) where and how long it took the store owners to amass so much "stuff" and (b) how, economically, they manage to stay in business.  Still, it was fun to wander through them as some of the items brought back memories of our youth, many decades ago.

The entire village is slated to be razed next April to makeway for 144 new condos.  Progress sometimes comes at the expense of others.


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