June 21 – Ellensburg to Bothell, WA

After leaving the KOA campground and topping off our gas tank, we jumped back on I-90 westbound and were immediately advised of

We were quickly back in farm country

Along a nearby ridgeline were more wind turbines … with the Stuart Range, reputed to be the single greatest mass of exposed granite in the United States, in the distance 

From roughly 25 miles away only the highest peaks are visible, including Mt. Stuart at 9,415 feet. are visible.

At the only rest stop along the way was a poignant painting.

Back on the road, we began our slow climb up to the Snoqualmie Pass (3,022'). 

\ Unlike many of the muddy rivers we've crossed during the past week or so, the rivers in Washington are clear and blue

An army truck we played hop-scotch with … passing us on the downhills while we caught up and went by him on the climbs

However, the clear skies were soon replaced by a thick overcast

with low hanging clouds shrouding the nearby mountain peaks.

Once over the summit of the pass, the visibilty went further downhill for a couple of miles

before we broke clear of the overcast on a long descent

into the Seattle area … where apartment and condo building reminds me of the hillside developments in Hong Kong …

before turning north to Bothell wher ewe'll leave our coach for our upcoming cruise.




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