June 11 – St. Vrain State Park and Visit with Our Niece Lisa Hughes

This morning, we decided to take a walk throughout the entire state apark, the longest we've taken since leaving Pennslvania on June 1st.  ALong the way, we spotted several species of birds we either could not identify or which were far too quick to capture with our camera.  However, we did see both a shy red-wing blackbird

a Canadian Goose,

and an otter.

With the winds now blowing out of the northeast, and toward the Durango fires, the air was a bit clearer and we were able to see a bit more of the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Then Debbie noticed something "white" atop a barren tree in the distance.  Upon closer inspection

we discovered an osprey preening itself.

Then there was the humerous portable satellite dome one of the campers had hooked up.

Around 10:30 we headed for Fort Collins to visit with our niece Lisa and two of her four children.

(l to r)  Avery, Lisa and Gavin

Unfortunately, Lisa's husband, Greg, daughter, Kennedy, and son, Dillon, were on a misison in Africa.

We also stopped at a Colorado Visitor's Center where two sculptures held center stage.

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