June 10 – Our 52nd Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary … 18,993 days of "marital bliss" (at least for me)!

Leaving Ogallala, we headed west on I-80, for the first time seeing both a pick-up towing a fifth-wheel towing a boat

and rectangular bales of hay (across Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and estern Nebraska, they'd all been round)

on this trip.

We soon left I-80 and headed toward Denver on I-76,

a road I had been dreading, having driven it several years ago and I remembered the punishing roadway.  However, much to my surprise, the road was smooth

while the landscape became near treeless with few signs of human habitation. 

Then reality struck … 20 miles of jaw-rattling pavement!

Over the next nearly 80 miles we alternated between smooth pavement and road surfaces we'd like to forget.

There were signs of the energy industries we grew up with

as well as a massive solar farm.

At one of the rest areas we stopped at was an interesting sculpture entitle "Metamorphosis"

and a planting of Rosa Rugosa (which reminded Debbie of flowers at our family cottage on Cape Cod).

There was a lone fisherman,

huge fields being watered,

large farms,

and a sign reminding motorists where much of their food comes from.

Then there were the cattle feed lots … whose "aroma" can be smelled from a long way off.

About 50 miles north of Denver, we got our first glimpses of the Rockies … through a bluish haze created by the smoke from the huge fires north of Durango.

This evening we enjooyed dinner at Dave and LaDonna McCleish's (friends from our 2011 RV trip to Alaska) home.

Driving back to our motorhome, the temperatures were still in the 80os and when back aboard the winds picked up buffeting our parked coach.


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