June 7 – Altoona IA to Lincoln NE

We left Altoona under a gray sky, ideal for driving as all of the bad weather from last evening's storm was far away.  While some folks might become bored with the seemingly landscape of endless field of corn, we ever tire of the quilt-like patchwork of fields

rustic old barns and silos,

and bucolic farms where the farm families who grow these crops live.

Based on the winds we've encountered … and which continued today …

we'd been surprised at having seen only a couple of wind turbines.

However, close to the Nebraska state line, we drove through two wind farms whose turbines often ran from horizon to horizon.

Below is the vane from a typical wind turbine at a rest area along I-80.  You can get a sense of just how long they are by the way it dwarfs the semis.

Other interesting sights included:

A sculpture on the Nebraska RIver bridge

U.S. Air Force jet

Decorative roadway sound barriers

The Holy Family Shrine

Adair Iowa's community water tower

The Middle River Buck Blinds … just hoping all guns are pointed south (away from the highway)

An unusually painted Prevost (very high-end motorhome)


what else


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