May 2 – Stone Mountain, GA to Concord, NC

Although with the first real night's sleep in several days, whatever has been ailing me has settled into a chest cough and generally run-down feeling.

And, while I'd like to blame my malaise on the problem we had leaving Stone Mountain, I'm not sure that's fair.  After hooklng our Jeep up, we started out of heh campground when both Debbie and I realized somethingk was amiss.  We soon discovered that I'd apparently left the emergency bottom on resulting in our Jeep being dragged as opposed to rolling smoothly behind our motorhome …

leaving a trail of rubber

and a bit less tread on both rear tires.  Fortunately, not major.

The trip from Georgia thru

and on into

seems to be more exhausting than usual for the 250-plus miles we traveled.

At least we were not headed southbound, where back-ups seemed to occur with some regularity.

We were delighted to see fields of red poppies in bloom on the media.

As with the past couple of travel days, there seemed to be an noticable police presence.

While our campground site is beautiful and realtively quite,

the campground is situated directly acrss the street from the Charlotte Moror Speedway complex.

We can only imagine how noisy and crazy it must become when races are in progress.

And, yes, this is "redneck country" with one friendly camper enjoying strumming his guitar with a beer

while at the campground office, both the entrance door and a large poster inside leave no question about the owner's political leanings.

Abutting the campground fields is a convenience store which has obviously had issues with campers.


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