December 29 – Still Trying to Flee the Bitter Cold

We awoke to slightly warmer temperatures (19o) than yesterday (16o) … but without the wind making it felt much warmer.

After enjoying the campground's complimentary waffle breakfast and filling our gas and propane tanks we pointed our motorhome south toward North Carolina.

Skirting Richmond, we made really amazing time … giving Debbie time to focus her attention some of her favorite photo subjects … water towers,

decaying buildings,

cars with unique decorations,


out-of-context lighthouses,

and flags … especially Old Glory!

Then, with less than 30 miles to go, a sign of things to come …

In close to 1,000 day of driving our motorhome across the US and Canada we have NEVER had a single day during which we did not hit ROAD WORK!

Fortunately, the impact on traffic lasted less than a mile.

However, another ten miles down the road …

Not a good omen.  Soon we were again creeping along at a snail's pace

from close to a half hour.

Still, we arrived at our campground in Wade, NC under partly sunny skies and temperatures as high as 47o. 

allowing us to finally to fill our fresh water tank (it had been too cold to do so before we left home or even yesterday).

However, tonight's weather forecast predicts temperatures droppping into the 20os … although it should be another ten degrees warmer  when we get to Hilton Head tomorrow afternoon were we'll spend the next few days.  After that, we'd planned on a couple of days in Atlanta, but we're postponing that stop until we're headed north in late April and will head straight for Florida on January 2nd!





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