April 15 – 23 – Sarasota Water Ski Show

Over this past week, our campground has seen an ever increasing number of open sites as more and more snowbirds begin their homeward treks.  And, best friends Ken & Cheryl left last Thursday.  Meanwhile, I've continued to punish several local golf courses … but incredibly shot an 81 on Saturday, my lowest score since I was in my early 30s.

Today, together with Debbie's older brother Dick and his wife Kate we took in the Sarasota Water Ski Team's

Sunday afternoon show … made all the more fun as it was FREE!

While both Debbie and I waterskiied in our [much] younger days, and among our peers we could hold our own on one and two skis, these folks … all volunteers … are simply amazing!

However, just as the show was about to begin, a Manatee was spotted on the course delaying the start for about 10 minutes.  Then, after the Manatee had cleared the area, more wildlife swimming into the course caused an additional delay.

Finally the first group of male skiiers came by,

followed by their female teammates,

skiiers without skiis (something I never could master)

skiiers forming pyramids,

acrobatic and other lifts,

youngsters new to the show,

and then came the jumps.

Regular jumps

Jumps with Forward flips


Jumps with Backward (Gainer) flips

Jumps with two skiiers leaping over a third skiier

Between events, pelicans and herons flew by in seemingly effortless manners.

From there we stopped by the Sarasota Sailing Association where we spotted several ospreys.

Then we hit the

along Sarasota Bay

for a drink and early dinner.

A week from today, we'll also be leaving Sarasota on a liesurely ten-day trip home …stopping along the way to visit three more state capitols and another presidential museum.


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