April 9 – 14 – Visiting Doug and Ben (Vero Beach) – Scott and Family (Ft Myers Beach)

This past week provided us a chance to see both of our sons who were here in Florida.

Our grandson, Ben's, high school basebal team traveled to Dodgertown (the former Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodger's spring training facility) 

to play four games.  Our son, Doug,

flew in the following day where we shared a room at a local hotel.

Just outside the stadium, we noticed what looked like a woodpecker, which we've thus far been unable to identify, which had made its home in the trunk of a palm tree.

While Ben's time before and after his games and practices were limited, we did get to see him play and spend a few minutes after each game with him.

On Monday afternoon, while Ben was at practive, we took a drive along the shore Rroute (A1A) north to beautiful Sebastian Cove.

Very few of the people fishing off the pier seemed to catch anything …

Although there were a few exceptions

Unfortunately, toward the end of his third game,

he reached for an errant throw and caught his left foot on the third base bag.

A trip to the local hospital for Xrays

suggested a bad sprain and not a break.

In exchanging texts with him since he got back to Pennsylvania he seems to think that he may be able to get back on the field sometime later this week.

On Firday, we drove to Ft. Myers where Scott and his family

Kira, Scott, Krista and Sean

were spending an abreviated school vacation week at the Pink Shell Beach Resort on Estero Island in Ft. Myers Beach.

About seven miles before arriving, we found ourselves stopped by police for no apparent reason.

Twenty minutes later, a #convoy" of police motorcycles and official-looking SUVs came charging down from the other direction.

We're still not certain who the VIP was whose caravan held up so much traffic.

After arriving at the Pink Shell Beach Resort we had drinks around the pool and enjoyed the views

View from the screened lanai

before grabbing a trolly for a short trip to the center of the restaurant area where we ate at the Beached Whale.

Debbie and I loved the many brightly painted buildings and murals.

Rather than taking the trolly back to the hotel, we opted for a beautiful, mile-plus walk back along the beach.

It was a great week!


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