September 2, 2016 – Longest Day Yet

Due to a mental lapse, we were faced with a nearly 400-mile drive along I-40 and I-81, well over our regular self-imposed limit of 250 miles.  Again, for most of the journey from Nashville to southwestern Virginia, we were confined to a gently rolling, tree-lined corridor

DSC_3738affording little in the way of interesting things to see.  That said, certain short stretches were a blaze with bright yellow flowers.


Debbie also, and somewhat amazingly, was able to shoot between my chest and the steering wheel to capture a unique quarrying operation in which large horizontal rectangular entrances were cut into the hill sides.

DSC_3749a solo walker, not even hitchhiking,

DSC_3742an old Ford Fairlane,

DSC_3759invasive Virginia Creeper … everywhere,

DSC_3778banded fields,

DSC_3781several U.S., Tennessee

US and Tennessee State Flags, I-40, Eastern Tennessee - 2016-09-01and Confederate flags

Confederate Flag, I-40, Eastern Tennessee - 2016-09-02and some old barns

DSC_3787rounded out the day’s travel excitement.

Taking a walk at our campground, we discovered a small stream

Stream, Pioneer Village RV Park, Max Meadow, VA - 2016-09-02flowing to a small waterfall.

Waterfall (b), Pioneer Village RV Park, Max Meadow, VA - 2016-09-02

Nearby was a gazebo used for rustic weddings (note the seating area).

Wedding Venue, Pioneer Village RV Park, Max Meadow, VA - 2016-09-02

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