September 3, 2016 – Another Long Day on the Road

As a rule, we try to plan our days by the unofficial 250/2:30 rule … driving no more than 250 miles in a day or be at our destination no later than 2:30 PM, whichever occurs first.  Our original itinerary had only one day over 300 miles … but as things got rescheduled, our last three days of driving have all topped 300 miles!

Leaving Max Meadow,VA we could see low hanging clouds over the Shenandoah River in the distance and crossed several smaller rivers where a curtain of mist shrouded the water below

DSC_3806and passed fields where patches still held on despite the warmth of the morning sun.


There were old barns,

DSC_3819decaying homes

DSC_3826a windmill whose blades shown golden in the sunlight,

DSC_3815and the decorative Fort Jackson community water tower … enough to make your mouth water!

Mount Jackson, VA - 2016-09-03

We’ll be parked in College Park, Maryland for the next four nights

2016-09-03 - Cherry Hill RV Park, College Park, MD - Site 1702visiting friends and family in the area, including a naval officer I served with aboard the USS Independence before visiting the Maryland State Capitol in Annapolis and then finally heading home on Wednesday.

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