July 22, 2016 – Olympia South to White Salmon, Washington on the Columbia River

It was a day of contrasts.  Our drive along Interstates 5, 250 and 84 took us within one mile of our destination.  Along the way we passed several clever and interesting signs,

Washington Truck Rebuilders Sign off I-5 South of Olympia, WA - 2016-07-21sculptures we couldn’t understand,

Unknown Sculptureshuge log yards with inventory destined for Japan, China and other Pacific Rim countries,

Log Yardand a couple on a motorcycle with a red fringed helmet.

MOtorcycle with Red Helment

As it was a slow day visually, we took note of some road signs never seen back home in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Rocks and Tunnels

Chain Up Area Sign, I-84 along the Columbia River, Northern Oregon - 2106-07-21

Snow Zone Sign, I-84 along the Columbia River, Northern Oregon - 2106-07-21

Rolling Slowdowns Sign, I-5 South of Olympia, WA - 2016-07-21

Once on I-84 heading east along the Columbia River, we passed some unusual rock formations

Rooster Rock, I-84 along the Columbia River, Northern Oregon - 2106-07-21

rock 4and one of the waterfalls we hope to see up close tomorrow.

Multnomah Falls along I-84 - 2016-07-21

The last mile of today’s journey was the most tense of this trip, even beating our ride through Yellowstone.  We could see our campground destination just across the Columbia River … and only needed to cross the Hood River/White Salon Bridge.  It was only 4,418.2 feet (or 0.8 miles) wide and had plenty of height at 14.7 feet when our motorhome is just 12½ feet high. 

Hood River-White Salmon Bridge

However, the lanes are only 9’4” wide while our 8’6” wide …

Hood River-White Salmon Bridge (a)

Hood River-White Salmon Bridge (b)

leaving us just 5" of clearnace on each side between my motorhome and the bridge’s railings on one side and some equally wide vehicles coming the other way on the driver's side!

Fortunately, we made without any scrapes or nicks, albeit with a few white knuckles!  This evening, we found teh perfect reminder of how we both felt during that crossing.

2106-07-22 - DIck after Crossing the Hood River Bridge from Oregon to Washington

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