August 30 – Lakeview, Oregon

For the first 40 miles after leaving our campground, we retraced our route from Klamath Falls … before winding through the town and heading west.

We traveled through some forest areas,

by a few small rivers,

but mostly farmland.

At one point, we were detoured due to a truck roll over.  We made one stop in Bly, Oregon to see some old wagons

an old Texaco Skychief gas pump,and we stumbled across a lone blue flower.

We arrived at our Campground,

which is located on the

a working cattle ranch covering over 8,000 acres.

After getting settled in,

we took a bike ride around the ranch tour loop road, passing through stands of junipers,

through miles of sagebrush covered scrublands

where swarms of Mormon Fritillary butterflies gather the nectar form the sagebrush flowers;

Debbie found a piece of farm equipment with the keys in the ignition;

And we meandered through several large herds of cattle who were not happy with our interrupting their afternoon;

and finally past a “one holer”

with a view most people would kill for.

A beautiful sunset sky was a fitting ending to another wonderful day on the road!

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