August 28 – KLamath Falls, Oregon

Today was another relatively short drive back into Oregon.  Again, from a relatively forested area, we climbed through an arid plain where brown grasses and scattered pine and other evergreen trees were prevalent.

And, there were the all-too-familiar reminders of past forest fires.

In our rear view mirror, we could still see the north face of Mount Shasta.

Once we crested a 5,202’ foot pass, we found ourselves through fields of sagebrush,

part of the Butte Valley National Grasslands, and 18.425 area now preserved by the federal government.  Soon, we reached a shallow lake where all you could see were the multi-colored grasses covering yet another high plain.

Aside from several chipmunks, we had a chance to see one of the Sand Hill Cranes which reside in this wetland oasis. The then road descended gently

into a long, wide valley where irrigated crop farms ran off on both sides for miles;

as well as both modern and more dated storage silo systems.We finally reentered Oregon. Driving through Klamath Falls, we saw yet another major logging operation on the Klamath River.

Our campground is situated on a pristine lake

And our campsite among 100’ to 150’ pines and hemlocks.

We had a great dinner at the campground’s lodge during which we were treated to a very talented singer who also played the guitar.  For those of you on our Alaska trip, it was a far cry from Dusty Sourdough!

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