June 25, 2016 – Indianapolis, IN to Joliet, IL

It was a pretty uneventful day as we drove through farm … mostly corn …

Corn Fields - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

country with the requisite number of barns

Barn and Corn Field, Along I-65 - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25


Rusting Silo - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

some use for promotion,

Castle Homes Silo, Along I-65, Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

other near or at the end of their useful lives

Decaying Silo and Barns, Along I-65 - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

Decaying Quonset Hut, Along I-65 - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

Collapsed Barn Along I-80 - Northeastern, IL - 2016-06-25

and in this part of the country, plenty of

American Flag - Along I-80, Northeastern, IL - 2016-06-25

Then there were the cows and forks advertising a local restaurant

Cows on a Tank Car - Along I-65 - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

Fork on a Tank Car - Along I-65 - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

a wind farm spread over many miles and which must have consisted of close to 1,000 wind turbines,

Large Wind Farm - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

and that “old tattooed lady.”


Then, there were more water towers …

Crown Point, IN - 2016-06-25

Rusting Water Tower Along I-80 - Northeastern, IL - 2016-06-25

Whitestone, IN - 2016-06-25

Rock Run, Joliet, IL - 2016-06-25

Lafayette, IN - 2016-06-25

Debbie again spied several deer in cornfields as we were zooming by at highway speeds.  How she even saw them, let alone was able to photograph any is amazing.

Deer (b) - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

Deer (a) - Northwestern Indiana - 2016-06-25

We’re sure many people would find miles and miles driving across this, or any other part of the country, would find the scenery boring.  However, if you stay alert and look for interesting subjects, the country opens up into a never-ending panorama of sights!

Just after crossing from Indiana into Illinois, a motorhome traveling east was in a collision causing a back-up for nearly10 miles.  We were thankful we were not involved and traveling west.  However, shortly thereafter, the traffic slowed to a halt.  Seems some poor soul went off the road.

Car in a Ditch, I-80, Northeastern IL - 2016-06-25

Our campground in Joliet was amazing and we had a great view of the lake right outside our windshield!


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