June 23, 2106 –Galloway, OH to Indianapolis, IN – Our 900th Day of RV Traveling

Continuing our westward trek, low, gently rolling hills provided the backdrop for farms

Collapsed Barn and Corn Fields, Eastern Indiana - 2106-06-23

Collapsed Barn, Eastern Indiana - 2106-06-23

Old Barns, Along I-70, Western Ohio - 2016-06-23

Wind Mill and Barn, Eastern Indiana - 2106-06-23

and fields of corn extended almost to the horizon in many locations.

Corn 4

Corn 3

Corn 2\ Corn 1

During an otherwise pretty boring drive, we were fascinated by the huge Nitrogen container we saw at a rest area,

Wide LoadThe total rig has to be at least four times the length of our motorhome and towed Jeep

Wide Load with Debbie

thought the candle shop building was unique,

Warn Gow Candle Shop, Eastern Indiana - 2106-06-23

and loved what has to be one of the world’s smallest travel trailers … for a large couple and their dog!

Tiny RV and Kayak, I-70, Exit 123, Indiana - 2016-06-23

After having seen any number of Corvettes, suspecting they were enroute to some sort of rally, Debbie decided to start recording some.

Corvette (Black), I-70, Eastern Ohio - 2016-06-23 Corvette (White), I-70, Eastern Ohio - 2016-06-23 

When looking through the pictures she took while I was driving, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she’d spotted a deer in a field several hundred yards away on the far side of the highway.  How she saw it and was able to get a picture as we drove down I-70 at 65 MPH is a mystery.


Finally, more water towers (just a few of today’s protfolio).

Springfield, OH Along I-70 - 2016-06-23

Richmond, IN (It's a Great Day) - 2016-06-23\ Englewood, OH - 2016-06-23\ Welcome to Spiceland, Eastern Indiana - 2016-06-23\ Richmond, IN - 2016-06-23

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