May 14, 2016 – Chip and Debby Burt

We spent the day with my cousin Chip Burt and his wife, Debby

2013-04-27 - Chip and Debby Burt (b), Bumpass, VA

at their Lake Anna home in Bumpass, VA.

Chip and Debby Burt's Lake Anna Home from teh Water, Bumpass, VA - 2106-05-14

Chip and Debby Burt's Lake Anna Home from the House, Bumpass, VA - 2106-05-14

During a peaceful cruise on the beautiful 17 mile long lake with some 200 miles of shoreline

Out on Lake Anna

we watched some acrobatic water skiing


Waterskier (c)

Waterskier (b)

as well as a real jet-ski hot-rodder!

Jet Skier (a)

Jet Skier (b)

Jet Skier (c)

We are truly thankful of the opportunities that RVing has provided us to visit with friends and family across the county … whom we’d otherwise rarely, if ever, see.

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