August 24 – Southern Oregon Coast and California

Today is our 101st day on the road and also the day in which we’ve have traveled over 10,000 miles.

Shortly after leaving Bandon, I noticed a dark image crawling across the screen of our back-up camera (check the upper right of the screen)which proved to be a very small spider.We’d hoped the drive along the remainder of the Oregon Coast would continue to awe us.  However, for the first 30 miles,

and when we reached an overlook … much the same.

Our luck changes, however when we arrived at and hiked down the cliff to view Arch Rock.  While a fog bank rested a mile or so off shore, the coast was in bright sun.

Back in the car and around one bend in the road, more fog!Further south, the ceiling again lifted and provided more great views.

Arriving at one beach, we were treated to some most unusual sand patterns on the beach.

We passed more long-distance bikers as well asFinally, we arrived in

where our first stop was by the Agricultural Department of the State, inquiring about fruits and vegetables (seizing such items as cherries, citrus and fresh corn).   We had a nervous moment, as we’d finish grocery shopping only a few miles back … but fortunately, we had not purchased anything on the forbidden list.

We drove through our first redwood forest before reaching our campground.  Tomorrow, we plan to tour the Humboldt redwoods near Redcrest (south of Eureka).

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