April 13, 2016 – Florida At Last

Another long day on the road, mostly in southwestern Georgia.  In one area we were surprised to see huge acreages which have been transformed into vast solar energy collection farms.

Solar Panel Farm

Solar panels as far as the eye could see

We’re guessing that the landowners have discovered there is more revenue in either leasing or selling their land for alternative energy generation than in raising food or cattle.

Other “highlights” included:

A decaying plantation home

Decaying Old HouseA giant peanut … Plains, where else?

Georgia PeanutA Navy A- Skyhawk

Navy A-4 Skyhawk, Off-I-75 near Lake City, FLPecan groves

Pecan TreesAnd another entry into Debbie’s decaying barn hall of fame

Decaying BarnThis evening, we are in Lake City, FL, where the temperatures were in the 80s and now waiting for some heavy rains coming in from the Gulf and Panhandle.

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