January 23-26, 2015 – Fore!

Not too much to report on, both of us still battling colds, although Debbie seems to be on a faster road to recovery than I am and visiting with our best friends.

While rinsing off a floor mat, I started up a conversation with a guy from an adjacent site.  When he mentioned he was Newfoundland I mentioned we had some friends from there.  “Not Nancy and Morley” he asked.  We quickly realized we knew each other, having both stayed in Naples at the same RV resort in both 2013 and 2013.  What a small world!

On Sunday I played golf, going one over par through the first five holes. Then reality set in … after great drives on the next two holes I proceeded to deposit two balls in the water on successive shots and then flubbed pitches on both holes … think 9 and 11! Oh well, I had a great time with great friends on a picture perfect day under cloudless skies!

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