January 19, 2015 – Doing Almost Nothing

Despite yesterday’s near 70 degree temperatures and projections for an even warm day, we awoke to FROST on the roof of our Jeep.

FrostAs Debbie is uncharacteristically not feeling well today and we decided to sit tight for the day, particularly as we’re ahead of our revised schedule.

With a very low temperature, she opted to hunker down under the covers and take a needed nap. Meanwhile, I relegated myself to a few chores.

After lunch, with Debbie feeling a little better, we decided to get adventurous and headed out for

Caming World Logo Walmart Logo Loews Logo

This evening, while contrails of passenger jets some five mile high dotted a darkening blue sky,
Aircraft 2
the frequency of other planes landing at Jacksonville International seemed to pick up, descending directly overhead …

Aircraft 3a

and then landing to the East in a golden sunset afterglow.
Aircraft 3c

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