September 12, 2014 – Home

We had planned to continue on to the Annapolis area today but the campground we were hoping to stay at was booked solid and Debbie’s right knee was still swollen.

Plan “B” was to remain where we were for another day and then make a decision.

However, while today’s forecast was for partly cloudy skies, rain was expected tomorrow and we decided to head on home.

Along the way, we continued to see signs that fall was not too far off.

Fall ColorsArriving home, we discovered a strange crop of “green things” had taken root, literally, in our landscaping beds! So, after unloading our motor home and returning it to our dealer’s lot where we store it, we were on our hands and knees pulling, and sometimes seemingly excavating, to remove the unwanted plants.

Tonight we stepped outside and were treated to another in what have become almost routine colorful sunsets.
Now our planning for our 2015 winter/spring Florida trip and reunion get together in the Pacific Northwest next summer begins!

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