September 11, 2014 – Hershey RV Show – 9-11 Thirteen Years Later

Today we took in the Hershey RV Show, billed as “America’s Largest”.

Enroute, we noticed nearly ever American flag at half-staff in remembrance of the lives lost thirteen years ago in New York City, at the Pentagon and in a field in western Pennsylvania!

Literally hundreds of RV of all descriptions

Literally hundreds of RV of all descriptions


Lots of shoppers

Lots of shoppers

Walking in from the parking lot, we were offered a ride by one of the RV vendors’ roving golf cart, taking us in through a vendor entrance and saving us the cost of admission!

After boarding all of the 36’ to 40’motorhomes (we saw none which we liked as well as our current coach) and the vendor isles, we were headed back to our campground well before rush hour.

At Debbie’s suggestion, we used coffee mugs to hold our wine this afternoon … thus avoiding the ever-watchful eyes of the park ranger who’d spotted our stemmed glasses yesterday!


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