January 31 – Waiting on Reports from Our Plumber Back in Langhorne

Debbie went to a local Jazzercise class this morning (she hopes to make it three days a week as often as possible).

Meanwhile, I spent the morning waiting to hear the results of the plumber’s visit to our Langhorne home.  It seem that there was not one, but two, waterline breaks in the unheated attic area adjacent to the loft in our home … plus a smaller, less consequential break in the plumbing for our outdoor sprinkler system in the garage.  Apparently his 5+ hours at the house were successful and the broken pipes replaced.  Some damp areas were noticed on our guest room’s ceiling and one wall.  However, we’ll wait until we get home in late April to assess any permanent damage and whether a remedial work needs to be done.  We are so thankful that Gilles spotted the problem before any “real” damage was done and helped coordinate with the plumber on the repairs!

We also resurrected some relatively recent photos of our grandchildren from my files and had prints made so we could have them on display on our motorhomes’ dash when not actually traveling.

This afternoon, Bill and Carol Irvine, good friends form our Alaska trip, arrived for a 10-day stay at our RV resort.  It was great to see them!

This afternoon, we went to the Clubhouse for the weekly “Meet and Greet”  (free wine& beer and enough hors oeuvres to feed an army). Afterwards, dancing until we were exhausted and returned to our coach for the night.

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