January 24, 2014 – Sandy and Jeff Fitts

Today, we visited with Sandy (my favorite cousin and like a second sister to me growing up), and Jeff Fitts.  While the girls went on a shopping spree, Jeff and I left for the Misty Creek golf course bright and early. 

With the temperatures in the low 40os and the wind howling, we bundled up and decided to play the back-nine which was more protected from the wind than the front side.  Nine holes later, we decided to play those same nine holes again.  By lunch time, the air had warmed and winds abated so we headed for the first hole and played the front-nine … twice.  I haven’t played 36 holes of golf in a single day since I was in my 30s … although it could be reasonably argued that my erratic play truly stretched the definition of golf!

Unfortunately, I neglected to take my camera and missed shots of deer, ibis, anhinga, wood storks, mud hens, assorted species of ducks, a bald eagle, egrets, great blue herons and more than a dozen alligators.

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