January 14, 2014 – Grapevine, TX to Kemah, TX

Long, but uneventful drive from Grapevine to Kemah (just south of Houston) … other than a 70’ statue of Sam Houston along I-45 north of Houston,

70 foot State of Sam Houstonthe “oversize load

OVERSIDE LOADwith the keys in the door,

OVERSIDE LOAD KEY18-wheeler off the road and mired deep in the mud,

TRUCK IN MUDseveral large blades for wind turbines on the road,  

WIND TURBINE BLADEand possibly tragic Amber Alert posed along the entire route.

Kidnapped Child Sign, I-45 Between Dallas and Houston - 2014-01-14To reach our destination, I had to drive through Houston once again (the first time was in 2010)

Houston Skylinewhere the traffic is probably as bad as anywhere in the US … speed limits are uniformly ignored, driver’s rarely use directional signals and people often weave back-and-forth across several lanes as if they were on a slalom course.

Our campground is set among palm trees

2014-01-14 - Marina Bay RV Resort, Kemah, TX - Site 71 (a)and along an inlet leading to the Gulf of Mexico where we were able to watch some real wildlife.

Two Herons and Pelican, Marina Bay RV Park, Kemah, TX - 2014-01-14 Pelican (b), Marina Bay RV Park, Kemah, TX - 2014-01-14 [Unknown] Shore Bird, Marina Bay RV Park, Kemah, TX - 2014-01-14Spoonbill (a), Marina Bay RV Park, Kemah, TX - 2014-01-14

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