May 26 – Pictured Rocks National Park

We woke to a sunny morning with temperatures in the mid-30s and 20+ MPH winds off Lake Superior.  While the winds finally abated this evening the temperatures never rose above 46o … pretty chilly for late May!

Leaving our RV at our campground, took the Jeep for a drive along the sinuous road

through the length of Pictured Rocks National Park which runs more than 50 miles along Lake Superior.

Throughout its length, the fauna changes from mixed hardwood forests of American Beech, White and Yellow Birch, a variety of Maples … as well as flowers and every poison ivy.

It contains pristine lakes,

a diversity wildlife, including American Redstarts,

many waterfalls,

and, most spectacularly, a dramatic shoreline with beautiful beaches

with some of the softest sand we’ve ever encountered,

Some of which seem to act as magnets for driftwood of all shapes and sizes.

There are sections tree-lined to the water’s edge

while others are framed by dunes rising 200’ above the shore.

Finally, there are the towering cliffs of limestone which have been eroded over millions of years by glaciers, wind and the relentless action of rain and lake waters.

There was another beautiful sunset this evening.

Prior to this trip, we’d only heard about the beauty of the State’s Upper Peninsula.  However, everything we’d heard was vastly understated!

Tomorrow we continue our westward trek and our last two days in Michigan.

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