September 24, 2013 – Springfield, MO to Terre Haute, IN – Dinner with Dee Templeton

Continuing our eastward journey, we headed to Terre Haute, Indiana to visit with one of our neighbors from our four years living in Wayland MA and whom we have not seen in 38 years.

 The drive was … thankfully … uneventful.  We were intrigued with an unusual high-tension wire pole,

amazed by the endless fields of soy, corn, sunflower and some other crops we were unable to identify (we’ve quickly learned how much we do not know about farming … but hope to learn),

the dome of the court house in Terre Haute,

and another in the series of lighthouses we continue to see hundreds, if not thousands of miles from any ocean or the Great Lakes.

Getting together with Dee, her sister Sue and husband Don, son (born within days of our daughter, Nancy) Richard and his wife Ellie.  Dee is just as we remembered her and the visit was terrific!

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