September 25, 2013 – Terre Haute, IN to Lexington, KY – Dinner with Kathy Kelly

After sleeping in this morning, we opted to avoid the Interstates for much of our drive from Terre Haute to Lexington, preferring US-46, a two lane road through mostly small towns as well as past the University of Indiana campus in Bloomington.

 We were surprised by the hilly and treed landscape, occasionally providing a canopy over the road.

In other areas, there were huge fields of soy and corn.


There was a very “Welcoming” church.

And, while our day went well, others were not so lucky.

We’re still a bit mystified how this truck ended up in this ditch

 We made Lexington by mid-afternoon and had lovely dinner with Kathy Kelly, my late cousin’s widow at a restaurant the four of us had eaten at this past spring. 

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