July 18 – A Free Day in Seward

Seward is the epitome of what we thought Alaska would look like; mountains, glaciers, wildlife, a campsite on the water … and the list goes on.  In short, it is clearly the most beautiful place we’ve been thus far.

This morning’s highlight was the appearance of two juvenile eagles perched high in a tree at our campground.

Ultimately, it became a waiting game … would they take flight and allow me to have a chance at an in-flight photo-op or would I finally give up and go back to our motor home.  Fortunately, they moved on before I did!

We then took a trip to Bear Creek to watch the salmon fight the stiff currents as they battled their way upstream to the lake in which they were born to spawn and then die.  In the process they had to jump up at least one fish ladder … a tough thing to photograph as their leaps happen without warning and are over in an instant.

We were also told that there was a “mean grizzly bear” who had been visiting the stream regularly and we were anxious to try to get some photographs; albeit from a safe distance.  Unfortunately, no one told the bear we were coming to take his picture and he failed to appear.  We were, however, to confirm stories of his having been in the area!

However, we did see more elusive eagles and many gulls.

After lunch, we visited the Alaska SeaLife Center; one of the most interesting aquariums we’ve seen over the years.  Aside from the chance to see

Stellar Sea Lions

Harbor Seals

And an almost human moment when a mother harbor seal wrapped her flippers around her pup and swam through the tank

Puffins, cormorants, murres and a common eider (above)

And a vast variety of Fish and Eels

We then drove south along the shore road to Lowell Point where we passed


An apparent boat “hospital” or possibly graveyard,

An abandon train car, complete with tracks in the middle of nowhere,

Number of private homes and B&Bs, many of which had unique siding shingle designs.

All the while were able to constantly look across Resurrection Bay to the same scene we were to see from the front wind shield of our motor home.

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