July 14, 2013 – A Change in Plans – South to Kentucky

Under a gorgeous sky,

the first 1½ hours of today’s drive south from Somerset, PA took us through some of the most beautiful farm country we’ve ever seen …


albeit, some sections of the road were narrow and had more curves than Jennifer Lopez.

On several occasions, our cross-country adventure required detours to avoid what our GPS indicated were bridges with a capacity several thousand pounds less than the weight of our motor home!

Off the “back” roads, as we approached Morgantown, signs alerted us to the road ahead …

followed by a sign which always makes Debbie just a bit uneasy.

Cresting the height-of-land, the road simply dropped off


descending more than 1,000’ in less than three miles!

Some of the other sights along the way included …

A military jet in Milton, WV

One of several towns seemingly named after some obscure person … this one ¼ sq. miles in size and with a population of 409

A converted and camouflaged truck

The All Nations Revival Center

Farmers working their fields … even on a Sunday afternoon

Small, isolated buildings in the middle of fields

Several barns sporting old “Mail Pouch Tobacco” slogans

A goat along for the ride

 Then … along much of the West Virginia section of our drive … trees, trees,


More trees


Our change in plans will allow us to visit with one of my cousins in Nicholsville KY who has been fighting a courageous battle against cancer, before heading for Glacier National Park and a reunion with many of our Alaska caravan friends.

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