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June 19 – Ellensburg, WA (an interesting city)

Ellensburg is a city with a population was 20,326 in a 2017 census estimate.   It is located just east of the cascade Range on Interstate 90 and is known as the most centrally located city in the state.  Ellensburg was … Continue reading

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June 19 – Cheney to Ellensburg, WA – A Beautiful Drive

Today's drive to Ellensburg in central Washington was unquestionalbly the prettiest day we've enjoyed on this trip. Leaving Cheney, the land was rolling and appareantly used for grazing. Occaasionally bordered by small lakes, Subtle red and orange hues became noticable. … Continue reading

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June 18 – Missoula, MT to Cheney, WA

We woke to another cool and rainy morning.  After a stop for gas, we continued our trek westward along I-90, surrounded by valleys and mountains partially shrouded by low-hanging clouds. We also encountered close to a dozen sections of road … Continue reading

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June 17 (PM) – Missoula Smokejumpers Training Facility – Garden or One Thousand Buddhas

After our morning walk around our campground, we headed out to visit the U.S. Forest Service's Missoula Smokejumpers Training Center. We joined a tour which had just started. Parachute Loft Supply Pack – dropped separately for the smokejumpers Typical food … Continue reading

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June 17 (AM) – Jim & Marys RV Park

We've never taken the time to highlight any of the more than 325 campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada where weve stayed.  However, we are overwhelemed by the displays of flowers, water features, garden statues and eclectic collection "old things" … Continue reading

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June 16 – Dillon to Missoula, Montana

Waking to rain and 47o temperatures, we opted to delay our departure for Missoula for an hour or so in hopes the preciptation would ease … and it did, partially.  From the time we left Dillon until we arrived in … Continue reading

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June 15 – Boulder, WY to DIllon, MT

With our longest mileage day to date ahead of us, we woke to sunny skies with a chilly temperature of 49o, although the wind which had been with us for days had pretty much died out.  As we were getting … Continue reading

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June 14 – Rawlins to Boulder Wyoming

Having heard the weather report for today … winds from the South at 20-25 MPG and gusts as high as 40 MPH during the afternoon, we opted for an early start as the first 100 miles of our drive was … Continue reading

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June 13 – Longmont, CO to Rawlins, WY

Once north of Fort Collins, a mostly empty landscape greeted us. Isolated plant Farm Out-of-place residence – a long way from any stores, gas stations, medical facilities, etc. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, rock formations appeareed on both sides of … Continue reading

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June 12 – Rocky Mountain National Park

After enjoying my morning coffee beside the pond adjacent to our campsite,  and finally tracking down the white stuff wafting through the air, I discovered is was from the female cottonwood trees. I then chased, with only partial success, a … Continue reading

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